Wedding Buffet A



Fruit Juice 

or  Curry Samosa's  (With a sweet chilli dip)                                          


 Selection of platters

Ham, Turkey, Beef 

Roll and Butter

Pork pie, Sausage Rolls

Vegetable Quiche

Pâté Board with crackers

Fresh Decorated Salmon

Coleslaw, Potato salad, Rice salad

Selection of Mixed salad

 Hot food

 New Potatoes

Sausage, Chips

Onion Rings, Spring Rolls


Selection of Gateaux

 Fruit salad and cream 


This menu includes

 All of your tables in the room covered with banqueting roll

 Then set up with proper cutlery and crockery

 Set up your name place cards and favours

 Starters served to your table

 Buffet and Deserts are self serve assisted by Staff members 


         Optional Extras

 Upgrade starters

£1.50 p.h. 

Veg Soup  (Served with roll n butter) 

Melon (Served with summer fruits)

Garlic mushrooms (Served with cheese n chive dip)

 £2.20 p.h.

 Prawn cocktail (Served on a bed of lettuce)

Loaded potato skins, filled with cheese n bacon (Served with sour cream dip)

Chicken liver Pate’(Served with a beetroot chutney)

                     Chicken strips (Served with side salad n bbq dip)